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From Our Clients

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Ken Cunliffe Bracketracing.com

“I contacted them via their online form and instantly got a response to my inquiry. They were very helpful in providing me with a reasonable price for the requested domain (unlike many domain brokers who attempt to rip you off) and the transaction was concluded promptly. I would recommend Domain Brokers to anyone looking to buy or sell a domain name.”

John Wieber SEO Moves

“The team at DomainBrokers.com was very professional! We were attempting to purchase a domain that we had our eye on for some time but had no luck in making it happen until DomainBrokers.com got involved.
They helped us get the transaction done quickly and easily. I would highly recommend them!”

Todd H. CEO ReadingWarehouse.com

“We found DomainBrokers.com to be efficient, helpful and informative. They made the process of purchasing a gambling-related domain name easy and not a challenge. They were responsive, efficient and trustworthy. They have this job down to a fine art. We look forward to using them again.”

Noel W. JustBookies.com Limited

“Risking a substantial amount of money to purchase an existing domain for the first time made us very nervous. We worried about both financial and technical aspects of the transfer, but DomainBrokers.com made it easy. They took us through the process quickly and safely, and now our site, WeddingPins.com, is up and generating a nice revenue stream.”

Aaron Watkins President Carab Enterprises, Inc.